Package yakscript

A YakScript interpreter, a part of the Yak Project


Interface Summary
DisplayInterface Interface implemented by all YakScript displays, used by the interpreter for display-related callbacks

Class Summary
Action Abstract base class extended by all YakScript actions
ActionFactory Parses a String into an Action
BlockingQueue A blocking queue implementation that can be used to enqueu and dequeue Objects.
Frame Class representing a script frame
FrameState Static object representing the state of a single YakScript frame
ThreadPool This class acts as a pool of threads and it can be used to boost up the performance of thread based programs.
Trigger Class representing a trigger frame
Verifier Module for preprocessing and verifying YakScript scripts
YakScript A YakScript interpreter
YakUtilities Various utility methods for YakScript handling

Exception Summary
QueueClosedException Exception that gets thrown when someone tries to operate on a closed queue.
SyntaxErrorException Exception thrown when a YakScript action contains a syntax error

Package yakscript Description

A YakScript interpreter, a part of the Yak Project

Please consult the YakScript Language Specification for more details.