Recommended (Fun) Books for Undergraduates

David Novick

When I advise students, I ask if they read books for fun, because active reading is a key part of intellectual development. It almost doesn't matter what kind of books you read—mysteries, science fiction, romance, thrillers—as long as you have enough fun to get you to read additional books. Eventually students may turn to more challenging fare.

I sometimes lend my own books—typically books about the history of technology—to students to get them started. This Web page, then, lists some initial recommendations for books, non-fiction and fiction, that are relatively easy reads for undergraduates, engrossing, and fun. If you'd like to suggest additional books to list here, please e-mail me.


Non-fiction: Technology

Non-fiction: Relevant to Computer Science

Non-fiction: Other

Further reading for the more adventurous

Here are a few additional books for whom greater challenge would bring greater rewards

And for even further reading, check out Time's 100 best English-language novels.
DGN,September 16, 2017