David Novick's Color Illusion Page: Occlusion Illusions

This page presents occlusion illusions. These are not Munker illusion, but rather very simple illusions in which the same figure appears to vary between foreground and background colors. In each case, the ovals are identical but appear to be different with respect to which color is the foreground.

In this occlusion illusion, the ovals are identical, but the left appears red and the right appears blue.
The illusion works even if the background color is removed, although the starkness removes some of the magic. Again, both ovals are identical.
This sort of occlusion illusion is robust even when the colors are close, unlike the situation in the Munker illusion.
Just for fun, here's another occlusion illusion. As before, the ovals are identical--this time with stripes of blue and orange.
I note that adding black outlines to the ovals seems to destroy the illusion completely.
And this seems (mostly) true, too, for the case where the background colors are solid rather than striped.

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May 17, 2018