Intellectual Property
CS 4390 / CS 5390 / POLS 4325

Spring 2015
Instructor: David Novick
Time: 4:30-5:50 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays
Room: CRBL C304
Textbook: Loren & Miller, Intellectual Property Law: Cases and Materials (ver. 3.2, 2014). This required text is available only at Semaphore Press uses a publishing model different from the traditional law school casebook publishers. I encourage you to read about Semaphore Press's publishing approach on its Web site. This book has a suggested price of $30, which is much lower than the $165 for the text from traditional publishers in previous semesters. I urge you to pay the suggested retail price in order to keep high-quality legal educational material available at reasonable prices. Important: Bring the book to class on your laptop.
Details: Syllabus, Course Outline

This course introduces students to intellectual property law, with particular attention to topics of interest for the fields of engineering and computing. Students will gain basic skills in critical thinking, reading, understanding and explaining statutes and cases relating to intellectual property. Most of the course is taught using law-school methods. Cool features:


You can find a useful introduction on how to read and brief cases at

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