Appendix B

Predicate Representations



Meta-locutionary illocutionary acts:


accede(<person1>,turn(<person2>))         <person1> lets <person2> take turn


acknowledge(<person1>,Act)                <person1> recognizes act


attend(<person1>,<person2>)               <person1> pays attention to <person2>


clarify(<person1>,State)                  <person1> elaborates knowledge of state


comprehend(<person1>,State)               <person1> understands State is true


confirm-mutual(<person1>,<person2>,State) <person1> says both conversants know that state is true


deny(<person1>,State)                     <person1> denies the truth of state


give-turn(<person1>,<person2>)            <person1> gives turn to <person2>


hold-turn(<person1>)                      <person1> holds on to turn


inform(<person1>,<person2>,State)         <person1> asserts to <person2> that state is true


repeat(<person1>,Act>)                    <person1> repeats act


request(<person1>,<person2>,Act)          <person1> requests <person2> to perform act


take-turn(<person1>)                      <person1> takes turn