Faculty and Staff



obbadreddin_copyOmar Badreddin, Assistant Professor

Cyber-physical systems design and testing, model-driven engineering, model-driven systems engineering…

obbadreddin@utep.edu; 747-8381; CCS 3.0610

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Martine Ceberio, Associate Professor

Constrained global optimization, constraint solving, applications of interval analysis…

mceberio@utep.edu; 747-6950; CCS 3.0406

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Y. Cheon Yoonsik Cheon, Associate Professor

Object-oriented specification, verification, development tools, and languages…

ycheon@utep.edu; 747-8028; CCS 3.0606

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E. FreudenthalEric Freudenthal, Associate Professor

Robust, high performance, & self-organizing systems, engineering & math education…

efreudenthal@utep.edu; 747-6954; CCS 3.0424

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O. FuentesOlac Fuentes, Associate Professor

Machine learning, computer vision, robotics, natural language processing…

ofuentes@utep.edu; 747-6956;  CCS 3.0412

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A. GatesAnn Q. Gates, Professor and Chair

Software engineering, runtime software monitoring, formal specification, data integrity…

agates@utep.edu; 747-7689;  CCS 3.1002

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S. HossainMahmud Shahriar Hossain, Assistant Professor

Data mining (big data), data analytics, artificial intelligence, transfer learning…

mhossain@utep.edu; 747-6340; CCS 3.0504

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C. KiekintveldChristopher Kiekintveld, Associate Professor  and Graduate Program Director

Artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, strategic reasoning…

cdkiekintveld@utep.edu; 747-5564; CCS 3.0418

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V. KreinovichVladik Kreinovich, Professor

Interval computations, intelligent control, reasoning under uncertainty…

vladik@utep.edu; 747-6951;  CCS 3.0404

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L. LongpreLuc Longpré, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director

Information theory applications, computer security…

longpre@utep.edu; 747-6804; CCS 3.0420

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S. SalamahSalamah I. Salamah, Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Software Engineering

Formal methods for software assurance and software engineering process…

isalamah@utep.edu; 747-6671; CCS 3.0608

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P. TellerPat Teller, Professor

High-perfomance, parallel, distributed, and power- and energy- aware computing, workload characterization…

pteller@utep.edu; 747-5939; Prospect Hall 121

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N. Villanueva-RosalesNatalia Villanueva-Rosales, Assistant Professor

Semantic web for data integration and exchange of scientific research, ontologies…

nvillanuevarosales@utep.edu; 747-8643;  CCS 3.0508

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N. WardNigel Ward, Professor

Real-time responsiveness in spoken dialog systems, human-computer interaction…

nigel@utep.edu; 747-5480; CCS 3.0408

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rosaRosa Alfaro, Scholarship For Service Program Manager

rialfaro@utep.edu; 747-8686; CCS 3.1024




Sara Chavez, Administrative Services Coordinator

schavez10@utep.edu; 747-5892; CCS 3.1102




Robert del Plain, Manager of Systems and Technology

rcdelplain@utep.edu; 747-6177; CCS 1.0612






D. NovickDavid Novick, Affiliated Faculty