The department hosts a Research Seminar Series, which is open to undergraduate and graduate students; we strongly encourage you to attend the seminars because they are very helpful to identify research interests, and are a chance to meet faculty and other students.

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Upcoming Seminars


Securing the Power Grid: A Markov Game Theoretic Approach

Dr. Laurent Njilla, Air Force Research Laboratory
1:30 pm – 2:50 pm, Thursday, October 25th, CCSB 1.0702


This talk presents a game theoretic approach to optimize the defense against an invader attempting to use a set of known vulnerabilities to reach critical nodes in the network. The network is modeled as a vulnerability multi-graph. The vulnerabilities are exploited by attackers to move laterally from one host to another. A Markov game is built based on a vulnerability multi-graph graph. The solution of the game provides the optimal strategy for disconnecting vulnerable services.


Overview of the Spring Special Topics Course on Software Sustainability (CS 4390/5390)

Presented by Dr. Omar Badreddin
11:00 am – 12:00 pm, Friday, November 9th, CCSB 1.0202


The purpose of this seminar talk is to introduce a new Special Topics course (CS 4390/5390) on Software Sustainability. The course targets students in Computational Science, Software Engineering, and Computer Science programs, and will introduce fundamentals of software sustainability with a focus on research software.