Computer Science Undergraduate Studies


Students are ultimately responsible for meeting the requirements of their chosen catalog. Please review the catalog carefully.  If you cannot make your scheduled advising appointment, please cancel. Seek information on opportunities and become involved in student organizations!


Initial steps:

  1. Read the catalog; there are many versions. Your catalog is the one in effect when you first started at UTEP. You may switch to a later catalog, but you may not switch to an earlier one. You must complete all the requirements in the catalog of the chosen year.
  2. Complete a Plan of Study to plan when you will be taking particular courses. Be sure that you consider the pre-requisites.

Steps to take prior to advising:

  1. Log in to Goldmine and click on Degree Evaluation to view your progress toward your degree.
  2. Complete an Academic Advising Form prior to seeing your advisor (the form can be changed if needed and is available at the CS front office).
  3. Schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor to review your course selections. Communicate your goals, needs, and concerns with your advisor and inform the advisor of changes in plans and/or circumstances that might impact academic performance.
  4. Bring the yellow copy of your signed advising form to the departmental office to get your hold removed.


  1. Students may repeat courses at most three times.
  2. No more than six (6) W’s will be allowed in a student degree plan. This rule comes from the Higher Education Coordinating Board.
  3. The first time that a freshman or sophomore course is repeated, the previously earned grade is automatically excluded from the GPA calculation.