Degree Plans

Computer Science Undergraduate Studies

Students are required to meet the requirements of the catalog  in effect when they first started at UTEP; however, students can switch to a later catalog.  The flowchart shows the pre-requisites required to complete the programs.  It is highly recommended that students complete a Plan of Study form to guide your studies and ensure your timely graduation from UTEP.  A description of the undergraduate program can be found in the UTEP course catalog, and the course descriptions can be found in the  catalog course descriptions.  For detailed information on courses, click on the Course Learning Outcomes.




Students earning a B.S. in Computer Science can select a concentration in Secure Cyber-Systems by taking a set of courses with significant computer security content.  Students must take the following five courses:


Students earning a B.S. in Computer Science can select a concentration in Software Engineering by taking the following set of courses.

Students must take the following two courses:

Students must take one course from the following list:


For students that would like to minor in Computer Science, the Computer Science minor requires 20 credit hours of Computer Science courses. Because of the prerequisite sequence, it normally requires at least 4 semesters (possibly including summer) to complete the minor.  For more information regarding the CS minor, click here.

Students majoring in Computer Science are eligible to receive a minor in other disciplines.  The following disciplines have been approved for minors: Biology, Environmental Science, Geology, mathematics, and Finance.  No course taken on a Pass/Fail basis may be counted for the minor.  Students should refer to the individual departmental listings in the catalog for specific minor requirements.


Students looking to get ahead on their graduate career have several options as described below.

 Fast-Track Dual Credit Program: Upon meeting certain eligibility requirements, a student may complete 15 hours of UTEP graduate course work through the Undergraduate/Graduate Dual Credit Program. Eligibility requirements are available here, and the list of Fast-Track Dual Credit Courses are available here.

Reserving Courses for Graduate Credit: Undergraduate students in their final year of study, may be eligible to take graduate level courses and reserve credit for graduate school.  Details about this option are available here.

Joint Degree BS-MBA Program:  Students with at least 90 hours accumulated toward their degree, a cumulative GPA of at least 3.30, and admission to the full-time MBA program can pursue a joint-degree BS-MBA program.  Details about this option are available here.

Further information is also available here through the UTEP Graduate School website.