CS 1401, Quiz #1

Date: Thursday, January 20, 2005
Name: ______________________________________________________________________
Last 4 digits of UTEP ID #:(it is OK if you do not remember it): ______________________________________________________________________

1. Explain why the invention of variables was a good idea. (Hint: how were formulas described before that?) When were they invented? By whom?

2. Describe, step by step, an algorithm that, given three real numbers a, b, and c, returns the values x for which a*x+b=c.

Turn over, please
3. Explain which of the following five expressions are correct names for Java variables, and if not, why:





francois viete 

4. In Java, strings are described by double quotes. For example, the text Java is described as follows:
Describe, in Java, the two strings that contain the following two texts:

Francois Viete 

At a conference SCAN'04, Viete said: "I invented variables."