CS 1401, Quiz #1

Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2006
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1. What was Ada Byron’s contribution to Computer Science?


She invented the first computer program, which could use Babbage’s Analytic Engine to compute Bernoulli numbers.



2. Compare machine language and high-level programming languages.


While computer programs can be written using either machine language or HLLs, the former is not portable and is harder to use because instructions and data are binary-coded. On the other hand, HLLs are portable, as they are translated into machine code by compilers. In addition, it is easier to write and debug programs written in HLLs because instructions are similar to natural language.


3. Why is Computer Science considered the science of algorithms?


Because algorithms have a central role in Computer Science. Limitations, execution, communication, representation, discovery, and analysis of algorithms are all areas of interest of Computer Science.