CS 1401, Quiz 12

Date: Monday, November 27, 2006
Name (please type legibly, ideally in block letters): ______________________________________________________________________

1. Describe how the invention of logarithms helped computing.

2. A teacher teaches two sections of the same class. Write a method that takes, as input, the number of students in each of these sections and the number of credit hours in the class, and returns the total number of credit hours generated by this class. Trace this method on the example when there are 25 students in the first section, 15 in the second section, and the class is worth 3.0 credit hours; your method should return 3.0 * (25 + 15) = 120.0 credit hours. Hints:

(Turn over, please)

3. Is it ethical to use a cheat sheet on the exam? Is it ethical, instead of buying a copyrighted textbook, to download it, for free, from a webpage where it is illegally posted? For each of these two cases, present: