CS 1401 Introduction to Computer Science
Fall 2013, Lab 5

Assignment. Many foreign tourists coming to El Paso are somewhat afraid of our summer heat. Every morning, they check the expected temperature on the TV before going out. The problem is that they better understand degrees Celsius than degrees Fahrenheit. To help these tourists, print a table in which temperatures 90, 91, ..., 110 are converted into Celsius.

Temperature tC in Celsius can be obtained from the temperature tF in Fahrenheit by a formula tC = (5/9) * (tF − 32). When printing the table, round tC to the nearest integer.

Make your program individualized, ask the user for his/her name and the name of the user's country and print a corresponding welcome message.

Hint: Type conversion does not lead to rounding, it simply cuts off everything after the decimal points; e.g., (int) 2.9 becomes 2. To round a real number, you can, e.g., first add 0.5 to this number and then convert the resulting sum into an integer.

Example. If a tourist's name is Luc Kreinroy, and he came from the country of Canarussia, your program should print:

Dear Luc Kreinroy,

Welcome to the sunny city of El Paso. We realize that in Canarussia,
you are not accustomed to degrees Fahrenheit (F). To help you, we
are providing you with conversion to Celsius (C):

  F  C
 90 32
 91 33
 92 33
110 43

Enjoy our beautiful city!
When it is due. The program is due at the beginning of the first lab section on the week of October 7, i.e.: