CS 1401, Quiz 10, MW 9-10:20 version

Date: Monday, November 4, 2013
Name (please type legibly, ideally in block letters): ______________________________________________________________________

1. On November 5, El Paso voters will vote on constitutional amendments. Some people vote earlier. Define a class EarlyVote that includes the name of the early voting place and the number of people who voted in this place. Do not forget to include a constructor method and get- and set-methods.

2. Usually, there is early voting at UTEP. In the main program, create an object of type EarlyVote whose location is UTEP and where 10,000 people voted. After that, change "UTEP" to the full name "University of Texas at El Paso". Trace your code step-by-step.

Comment: No need to write "public static void main(...)", just write down the appropriate statements from the main program.