CS 1401 Introduction to Computer Science
Fall 2014, Lab 1

Welcome. Dear Friends, once again, welcome to computer science. This is your first CS lab assignment. Do not worry: your TAs will explain everything you need, they will do everything for you -- short of writing the program for you, this you have to do on your own. TAs will give you examples of similar programs, you can find many examples of similar problems in the book, and if you still have trouble, do not hesitate to contact any of us. We all, instructor and TAs, are here to help you.

What your first program shall do. The program shall ask a student user for the number of hours per week that he or she studied, on average, for previous classes, then add 2 to it double and print it as the number of hours that you need to study for Computer Science classes. For example, if a student studied 4 hours every week, the program should return 6.

In your program, you should:

Objectives. The main objective of this assignment is simply to give you a hands-on experience with Java (and to scare you into studying more :-).

When it is due. The program is due at the beginning of the first lab section on the week of September 8, i.e.:

How to submit: Your TAs will instruct you how to submit the programs.

Good luck!