Cloud Computing,
Test 2 for the course
CS 4365/CS 5354, Spring 2015

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1-2. A student is taking two important classes. There is only time t left for studying for both classes, so if the student spends time t1 studying for the first class, this student will have time t2 = t − t1 left for the second class.

The student wants to maximize both grades f1(t1) and f2(t1).

3. Let us now assume that every day, the company uses at least m = 100 computations, and the probabilities of different numbers of computations x is described by the power law p(x) = A * x−α, with α = 3. Assume that the cost of a unit in-house computation is c0 = 10 money units per computation unit and the cost of computing in the cloud is c1 = 20 money units per computation unit.

In these computations, you can use the formulas that we derived in class for the power law case:

4. Estimate the costs and decide whether it is beneficial to sign a contract with the cloud provider for T = 2 years:

5. Neural networks:


For each pattern with the known desired output Y, once the NN computed the input y, you can find the error Δy = y − Y. Based on this error, you can compute the changes to all the weights as follows:

6. Fuzzy techniques:

7. What is green computing? Explain the need for saving energy in cloud computing.

8-9. Describe, in detail, the paper that you reviewed as a project for this class:

10. Briefly describe someone else's project for this class.