The mission of the TRUstworthy CYBER system (TRUCYBER) lab is to carry out transformative research on the security aspects of cyber infrastructure and design/develop decentralized trustworthy systems by addressing the underlying fundamental security challenges. Being a strong believer of cross-disciplinary research, members of TRUCYBER lab focus on distributed and decentralized design methodologies, such as blockchain, to enable trust and provenance in the next generation cyber systems. We exploit concepts form distributed systems, network theory, mechanism design, human society inspired evolutionary models, and behavioral dynamics to design secure yet robust solutions that are fundamental to IoT and cyber physical systems. In particular, TRUCYBER lab conducts basic and applied research in following core domains:

  1. Secure Cyber Physical Systems Environment: Self-sovereign identity management, Secure and privacy-aware information dissemination, Privilege management, Lightweight consensus mechanism for compute-constrained IoT nodes, Supply chain provenance, Blockchain for fast responder networks, Scalable and Lightweight Blockchain integrated IoT, Access control policy design
  2. Distributed Trust and Data Provenance: Immutable and auditable provenance using Blockchain, Admission control, Incentive-compatible Blockchain consensus model design, Decentralized resource management, Off-chain analysis of provenance data, vulnerability analysis of Blockchain integrated cloud platform, Scalability issues, Transactional efficiency
  3. Facilitating Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure: Information integrity, Anonymity and privacy preservation, Malicious insider detection, Membership management, Dynamic access control, Incentive design toward enhancing trust, Information quality assessment for cyber-insurers, Extended frameworks for Healthcare data sharing and management, Interoperability among multiple sharing systems, Deriving threat-intelligence.


  • Actively seeking for 2 self-motivated graduate students to work in the domains of security of Internet of Battlefield Things, cyber risk analysis in IoT, and data provenance in sensor-integrated power generation plants.

Location: CCSB 3.1202

Contact: Dr. Deepak Tosh, Assistant Professor

Graduate Student Members

  1. Adeel Malik, Ph.D. student joined since Jan 2019
  2. Abel Gomez, Ph.D. student joined since Jan 2019

Undergraduate Students

  1. Adrian Orquiz, Topic: Establishing a flexible P2P network of Rpis.
  2. Jennifer Harrison, Topic: Leveraging blockchain to enable smart and secure locking mechanism.
  3. Manuel Gutierrez, Topic: Developing robust and dybamic network plane for IoT devices.

Student Achievements News…

  • Sept 2019: A paper titled “Scalable Blockchain Implementation for Edge-based Internet of Things Platform” has been accepted at IEEE MILCOM 2019. Congrats Abel!!!
  • Sept 2019: A paper titled “Evaluating Usability of Permissioned Blockchain for Internet-of-Battlefield Things Security” has been accepted at IEEE MILCOM 2019.
  • June 2019: Abel Gomez got accepted to the DOE-OE funded CREDC Summer Symposium Student Program. Congratulations Abel!!!
  • May 2019: A paper titled “Non-Intrusive Deployment of Blockchain in Establishing Cyber-Infrastructure for Smart City” has been accepted at IEEE STP-CPS workshop, organized in conjuction with IEEE SECON, 2019. Congratulations Adeel!!!