Appointments of Vladik Kreinovich

Dear Friends,

To make an online or face-to-face appointment with me, use the links below to find my schedule for the day when you want to contact. Unless otherwise indicated, I am usually available from 8:30 am (10 am on weekends) until 10:30 pm.

A letter "c" in front of an appointment time means an individual appointment which, in principle, can be rescheduled if needed (as opposed to, e.g., teaching a class which cannot be easily rescheduled).

If my schedule indicates that I have office hours on the day when you want to meet online, and you can meet during the office hours, there is no need to make a special appointment, just contact me by email. The only exception is if you need an advising. In this case, please let me know at least a day ahead when you plan to meet, so that I will be able to ask the CS Front Desk folks to prepare all the necessary materials.

If on this day, I do not have office hours (or I have office hours but you cannot come during this time), then:

See you!