CS 3350: Automata, Computability, and Formal Languages

Fall 2021

  • Instructor: Vladik Kreinovich, email vladik@utep.edu, office CCSB 3.0404,
    office phone (915) 747-6951
  • Class time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-1:20 pm.
  • Room: CCSB 1.0202.
  • Details: Syllabus

Faculty office hours

  • The instructor's office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:30-3 pm, or by appointment.
  • Preferable contact is by email.
  • If you want to contact the instructor during the scheduled office hours, there is no need to schedule an appointment.
  • If you cannot contact during the instructor's scheduled office hours, please schedule an appointment in the following way:
    • use the instructor's appointments page /vladik/appointments.html to find the time when the instructor is not busy (i.e., when he has no other appointments), and
    • send him an email, to vladik@utep.edu, indicating the day and time that you would like to meet.
    He will then send a reply email, usually confirming that he is available at this time, and he will place the meeting with you on his schedule.

Teaching Assistant (TA):

    Laxman Bokati, email lbokati@miners.utep.edu, office hours:
    • in person Mondays 2-3 pm and 4-5 pm in CCSB 2.0108A,
    • online Fridays 3-5 pm by MS Teams; send an email to the TA if you want to attend,
    • or by appointment.

Instructor of another section of Automata:

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