HiPerSys Computational Resources

The High Performance Systems Research Group has access to a varied set of computational resources at the DoD HPCMO, The University of Texas at El Paso (including the AHPCRC Chimera heterogeneous cluster), and the Texas Advanced Computing Center. In December 2011 the AHPCRC Griffin heterogeneous cluster, comprised of AMD Interlagos multi-cores and Fermi GPUs, will be added to the group's high-performance computing resources.

Chimera - AHPCRC Heterogeneous Cluster

Chimera has four partitions comprised of:

For a technical description click here.

Griffin - AHPCRC Heterogeneous Cluster

Griffin is comprised of 8 compute nodes with AMD dual 8-core Interlagos 6220 3GHz processors and dual nVidia Fermi GPUs, model M2090 (each with 6GB video card memory, 64GB RAM, and a local 1 TB drive). The system has a head node with 32GB RAM and 4TB disk storage.

These clusters, which at the time of delivery represented state-of-the-art, emerging processor technologies that will be used in both workstations and high-end computing platforms, are required for us to meet our planned project objectives.

For a technical description click here.

HPC Testbeds - Pegasus, a GPU "Adventure Playground"

We have six HPC testbeds, which are described here.