DigitalNote (formerly known as NoteTaker)


DigitalNote is a freeware Java application which makes it easier to take class notes using your Tablet PC or other notebook computer.

Notes taken with DigitalNote are superior to pencil-and-paper notes in being searchable, editable, easily sharable, and more legible.

DigitalNote may be useful for you if:

DigitalNote is stable. While there are many improvements and new features that are needed, it is usable as-is.


Release Notes

Installable (zip file)

Source (zip file)

Project Descriptions

Overview of Findings and Plans (slightly outdated)
System Motivation, Description (slightly outdated)
Full Description, including Evaluation (IJHCS article)
Overview in Japanese (outdated)
Full description in Japanese (pdf) (outdated)
Samples of class notes taken using DigitalNote (old version; all in Japanese): HCI, Object-Oriented Programming, Fundamentals of EE, Neural Information Processing, Control Theory

Old Releases

English version 1.0
Japanese version 1.0
source (tar file) 0.9


DigitalNote was created by Hajime Tatsukawa, with advice from Nigel Ward, at the University of Tokyo in 2000-2002.

Version 2, reimplemented to run on Java 1.4 and work well on the Tablet PC, was done by Jabel Morales at the University of Texas at El Paso from 2003-2004.

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