Prosodic Patterns in English Conversation

by Nigel G. Ward, Cambridge University Press, 2019

Resources on Prosody for Scientific and Engineering Purposes

I have co-taught various Introduction to Prosody courses at the LSA Linguistics Institute, ACL, and elsewhere. Course Materials , Youtube Video Tutorial Series

Resources for Teaching the Prosody of English as a Second Language

Learners of English often need help with prosody. Whereas existing resources mostly target lexical and syntactic aspects, communicative effectiveness requires mastery of the prosodic patterns for pragmatic and interactional functions. Teaching these is a challenge (c.f. my thoughts on pedagogy of prosody, presented at TESOL 2023). Below, organized by the chapters of the book, are lesson plans and handouts for some essential prosodic patterns:

Chapter 2: Expressing Contrast with Bookended Narrow Pitch Regions

Chapter 3: The Minor-Third Pattern

Chapter 6: Late Pitch Peak and its Functions

Chapter 7: Expressing Positive Assessment

Chapter 11: Turn-Taking Constructions

New: Breathy Voice and its Functions

Other Resources on Dialog Patterns and Prosody