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Uncertainty Group

Representing and processing uncertainty.

Team Lead

Vladik Kreinovich

To learn more about Dr. Kreinovich's research interests,
please visit his home page.

Team Members

Sean Aguilar

Main research direction: applications to economics and finances.

Solymar Ayala Cortez

Main research direction: applications to geosciences.

Laxman Bokati

Program: PhD, Computational Science.
Prospective Graduation Date: December, 202.

The area of my research is Decision Making Under
Uncertainty and its Applicants to various areas.
My research has focused on applications in field
of Teaching, Geosciences, Economics and Finance and
Computations. In many real-life scenarios we often
have to make decisions based on imperfect observations
or with unknown outcomes. My research explores
theory behind such decision making models and explains
that seemingly odd behaviors and patterns can have
perfectly reasonable mathematical explanations.

My GitHub.

Sofia Holguin

Main research direction: using symmetries
to explain - and if possible, improve -
empirical dependencies.

Noah Padilla

Main research direction: comparing different
semi-heuristic methods in processing the same
information about uncertainty.

Hector Reyes

Main research direction: calibration of measuring systems.

Salvador Robles

Main research direction: Computational efficiency
of uncertainty quantification techniques.

Edgar Rodriguez Velasquez

Main research direction: applications to pavement

Julio Urenda

Main research direction: algebraic approach to data processing