Patricia Teller
Patricia J. Teller, PhD,

Associate Researchers

Ricky Portillo
Ricky Portillo,
PhD Student
Roberto Comacho Barranco
Roberto Comacho Barranco,
PhD Student

Assistant Researchers

Esthela Gallardo
Esthela Gallardo,
Master's Student
Herandy Vazquez
Herandy Vazquez
Edgar Sánchez
Edgar Sánchez

Research Alumni

Oscar Andrade,
Alejandro Castaneda
Alejandro Castaneda
Andre Kerstens
Andre Kerstens
Senior Systems Engineer,
Penguin Computing
Rodrigo Romero
Rodrigo Romero, PhD,
Research Assistant Professor, UTEP
Nidia Pedregon
Nidia Pedregon
Sarala Arunagiri
Sarala Arunagiri, PhD,

Doctorate Alumni

Yipkei Kwok, PhD

Dissertation: "2TL: A RAID I/O Scheduling Framework for Simultaneously Providing Throughput and Latency Guarantees"
Computer Science, August 2014
LeTourneau University, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science (August 2012-Present)

Mitesh Meswani, PhD

Dissertation: "Improving throughput of simultaneous multithreaded (SMT) processors using shareable resource signatures and hardware thread priorities"
Computer Science, December 2009
San Diego Supercomputer Center: 2010-2013
AMD Research, Austin, TX: 2013-present
Member of the Technical Staff
Seetharami Seelam

Seetharami R. Seelam, PhD

Dissertation: "Towards Dynamic I/O Scheduling in Commodity Operating Systems"
Computer Engineering, May 2006
IBM Research, Research Staff Member, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, January 2007-Present

Master's Alumni

Roberto Comacho Barranco

Roberto Camacho Barranco, MS

Thesis: "Towards Automated Enhancement of Xeon Phi Native Mode Performance”
Technische Universität München (TUM)
Computational Science and Engineering (Int. Master’s Program), March 2015
1st examiner: Prof. Dr. Michael Gerndt; 2nd examiner: Prof. Dr. Patricia J. Teller
Joshua McKee

Joshua McKee, MS

Project: "Setting Up a Highly Configurable, Scalable Nimbus Cloud Test Bed Running on a MANET"
Project Report published as CS Technical Report: UTEP-CS-15-24
Computer Science, December 2014
Chair, Patricia Teller
Felipe Jovel

Felipe Jovel, MS

Thesis: "An Optimization of Neighbor Discovery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"
Computer Science, December 2014
Chair, Patricia Teller
Army Research Lab - White Sands
Joshua McCartney

Joshua McCartney, MS

Thesis: "Neighbor Discovery Message Hold Times for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"
Computer Science, May 2014
Chair, Patricia Teller; Co-Chair, Michael McGarry

Enrique Portillo

Enrique Portillo, MS

Thesis: “Efficient, Scalable, Parallel Matrix-Matrix Multiplication”
Computer Science, December 2013

Victor Barraza

Victor Jordan Barraza, MS

Thesis: "Stereo Matching: Evaluation of Three Algorithms and Two Cost Functions"
Computer Science, Spring 2012
Datamark Inc.
Bidisha Chakraborty

Bidisha Chakraborty, MS

Thesis: "Fault Tolerance: Validating a Mathematical Model via A Case Study of RAxML, an HPC Community Code"
Computer Science, Spring 2012
Amazon, Software Development Engineer, Seattle, WA (February 2014 - Present)
Bank of America (February 2013 - January 2014)
Infosys, Technical Analyst (November 2012 - February 2013)
UPS Supply Chain Solutions (June 2014 - November 2012)
Aritra DattaGupta

Aritra DattaGupta, MS

Thesis: "Stereo Matching - Improving Image Quality"
Computer Science, Spring 2012
Microsoft, Software Development Enginner in Test, Redmond, WA (August 2014 - Present)
Microsoft, Software Development Engineer in Test, Charlotte, NC (June 2012 - August 2014)
Michael Harney

Michael Harney, MS

Thesis: "A Case Study Towards Verification of the Utility of Analytical Models in Selecting Checkpoint Intervals"
Computer Science, May 2013
Muthuveer Somanathan

Muthuveer Somanathan, MS

Thesis: "An Initial Operating System Adaptation Heuristic for Swap Cluster Max (SCM)"
Computer Science, August, 2008
Jayaraman Suresh Babu

Jayaraman Suresh Babu, MS

Thesis: "Coarse-Grain Dynamic Adaptation for Asynchronous I/O Scheduling:Is it needed?"
Computer Science, May, 2006
Ricky Portillo

Ricky Portillo, MS

Thesis: "Fine-grain dynamic adaptation of the Linux 2.6 virtual memory manager"
Computer Science, Summer, 2006
PhD Student, UTEP
Maria Gabriella Aguilera

Maria Gabriella Aguilera, MS

Thesis: "A Case Study of Communication Trace Performance Evaluation Guided by Hierarchical Clustering"
Computer Science, June, 2005
Medical Student, Brown University
Ketan Maydeo

Ketan Maydeo, MS

Thesis: "Performance Evaluation of TLB Consistency Solutions in Large-Scale Shared-Memory Multiprocessors with Consistent Caches"
Computer Science, May, 2005
Gary Rybak

Gary Rybak, MS

Thesis: "Mathematical Modeling for Dynamic Application Steering"
Computer Science, December, 2004
Diana Villa

Diana Villa, MS

Thesis: "Using Sampled Performance Monitor Event Traces to Characterize Application Behavior"
Computer Science, December, 2003
Manuel Nieto

Manuel Nieto, MS

Thesis: "Visual 6811: A Simulator of the Motorola 68HC11 Microprocessor Architecture"
Computer Science, July 2003

Sr. IT Project Manager, El Paso County
Leonardo Salayandia

Leonardo Salayandia, MS

Thesis: "A Study of the Validity and Utility of PAPI Performance Counter Data"
Computer Science, December 2002
Ph.D., Computer Science, UTEP, November 2012
Dissertation" "Ontologies for Scientific Data Transformation"
Research Staff Member, CyberShARE Center of Excellence, UTEP
Charanjiv Sachar

Charanjiv Sachar, MS

Project: "A Model for Predicting the Execution Time of Sweep3D"
Computer Science, July 2000
Creative With Clay
Charanjiv was featured on the front page of The New York Times (Sunday Styles Section) on August 14, 2011! From the article: "In January 2011, after 12 years in software, he quit to devote himself full time to his online store, Creative With Clay which sells stoneware he designs and makes. (Last May, he told his story on Etsy's "Quit Your Day Job" blog). Now, instead of spending his free time absorbed in visions of clay, he spends as much as 70% of his day on administration. He is not only his own boss, he is his own accountant, sales director, marketing manager and shipping clerk."
Gilbert Castillo

Gilbert Castillo, MS

Project: "A Feasibility Study on the Use of the MIPS R10000 Processor Performance Counters"
Computer Science, January 2000
Jaideep Moses

Jaideep Moses, MS

Project: "Determination of Sweep3D's Reported Processor Utilization Using SimpleScalar Configured as a PowerPC 604e"
Computer Science, August 1999.
Senior Staff Research Scientist
Intel Corporation, Intel Labs / Integrated Platforms Research

Undergraduate Alumni

Ulysses Sherman Bell

Ulysses Sherman Bell

September 2014 - May 2015
Garrett Shaw

Garrett Shaw

September 2013 - May 2015
Fernando Cervantes

Fernando Cervantes

Jaime C. Acosta

Ph.D., Computer Science, UTEP, November 2009
Dissertation: "Using Emotion to Gain Rapport in a Spoken Dialog System"
US Army Research Laboratory
Survivability/Lethality Analysis Directorate
White Sands Missile Range, NM

Fernando R. Nava

Summer 2009

Jaime Nava

Spring 2005 - Spring 2006
M.S., Computer Science, July 2009
Thesis: "Towards More Reliable Extrapolation Algorithms, with Applications to Organic Chemistry"
Ph.D., Computer Science, UTEP, August 2012
Dissertation: "Aspects of Analysis, Prediction, and Control in Science and Engineering: Symmetry-Based Approach"

Francis Onate

December 2011

Ana K. Quevedo

December 2011
Hewlett Packard

Jose L. Segura

December 2011
City of El Paso

Adriana Contreras

October 2011 - December 2013
B.S., Computer Science, December 2013
M.S. Student at University of Houston, Department of Computer Science (August 2014 - Present)
ExxonMobil, Houston, TX
Jaime Jaloma

Jaime Jaloma

April 2012 - December 2013
B.S., Computer Science, December 2013
IBM Corporation, Austin, TX
Arturo Argueta

Arturo Argueta

January 2012 - May 2014
B.S., Computer Science, May 2014
Ph.D. Student at Notre Dame, Department of Computer Science (August 2014-Present)