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Masters of Science in Software Engineering (MSSwE) Program

The MSSwE program a professional program that prepares students for leadership positions in government and industry. The program is based on the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK) and the 2009 Curriculum Guidelines for Graduate Degree Programs in Software Engineering (GSwE2009) developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-Computer Society (IEEE-CS) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

The MSSwE program consists of three parts. The first part consists of core knowledge in software engineering. In that part, students take courses that prepare them to take the CSDP certification examination. The CSDP program is sponsored by the IEEE-CS, one of the world’s leading organization of computing professionals. In the second part of the MSSwE program, students acquire depth and breadth to software engineering knowledge areas and domains. The third part of the MSSwE program focuses on providing students with practical project experience by working within a team to develop a significant software system. The practicum project experience of the MSSwE program allows students to work with external clients to develop software systems that fit the clients’ business needs. Students are also encouraged to seek internships and work on industry projects while they are in the program.

Required Courses for the MSSwE Program
Course Semester
CS5374 Software Construction Fall
CS5385 Software Requirements Engeering Fall & Spring
CS5386 Software Architecture & Design Spring
CS5387 Software Integration and V&V Spring
CS5388 Project Managment Fall & Spring
CS5389 Software Engineering Practicum Fall & Spring
List of Electives for the MSSwE Program
Course Semester
CS5317 Human-Comouter Interaction Fall
CS5372 Spec. and Design of Real-Time Systems Fall
CS5371 Software Safety & Risk Anlysis Summer
CS5382 Model-Based Software Development Spring
CS5375 Software Reverse Engineering Fall
CS5352 Computer Security Spring
CS5313 Computer Networks Spring
CS5376 Comp. Dec-Making and Risk Analysis Spring
CS5339 Secure Web-Based Systems Spring
Other courses can be used as electives with the approval of

  the MSSwE Director