Dr. Salamah Salamah   UTEP MINERS

Office phone: (915)-747-6671   Email: isalamah@utep.edu

Students' Funding Opprtunities

I direct two scholarship programs that provide financial and academic support for computer science from all levels. The information regarding these opportunities are described below. To find out more shoot me an e-mail .

DHS/NSF CyberCorps(®) Scholarship for Service (SFS)

The CyberCorps(®) Scholarship for Service (SFS) Program provides scholarships to support graduate students in the Master’s of Science in Computer Science or Software Engineering and in the Ph.D. in CS programs. Undergraduates enrolled in the Fast-Track Dual Credit program can also qualify to receive an SFS Scholarship. Funded students recieve funds to cover their full tuition, medical insurance, school books and supplies, as well as funds to cover professional development expenses. In addition, undergraduate students receive an annual stipend in the amount of $22,500. The annual stipend for graduate students is $34,000. More information about the SFS program and the application process is available at the SFS Program link.

NSF Scholarship for STEM (S-STEM)

The Scholarship for STEM (S-STEM) program provides financial support to Computer Science undergraduate students with high academic potential. Through the S-STEM program, undergraduates can recieve up to $10,000 a year in scholarship support. In addition to the financial support, the program engages students in co-curricular activities focused on cyber-security and professional development that prepares participants for future careers. More information about the S-STEM program and the application process is available at the S-STEM Program link.